How Do I Build A Good Dog Kennel?


Welcoming a furry friend into your family comes with responsibilities, including providing them with a comfortable space to call their own. Building a dog kennel can be difficult, but it is also a fulfilling project that ensures your pet’s safety and comfort. Here’s a simple guide to help you create a sturdy and cosy home for your furry companion.

Step 1: 

Planning is really important when you’re making a dog house that’s just right for your pet. First, think about your dog’s size, breed, and what they need. Measure your dog to make sure the house fits them comfortably. Also, think about the weather and where you’ll put the house. If it gets really hot or cold, you might need to add insulation. And if your yard floods, it’s a good idea to lift the house off the ground to keep it dry.

By thinking about these things early on, you can save time and money. It means you won’t have to make big changes later. And most importantly, it means your dog will have a house that’s just right for them, where they can feel happy and safe. So, take your time planning, and you’ll make a perfect home for your pet.

Step 2:

To start making your dog’s house, focus on making a strong bottom part. This makes sure your dog’s home is strong, comfy, and doesn’t get too damp. First, make the floor of the house. Raise it up by at least 100mm. This helps air move around, keeping the inside dry and stopping mold from growing, which could bother your pet. For a tough base, use treated pine wood. It’s good for the outdoors and lasts a long time. Cut the wood to fit your dog’s house size. Put the wood together using nails or screws. Use galvanised ones because they don’t rust, keeping the base strong even in bad weather. Lastly, make small holes in the wood frame to let air in and water out. This stops the air from getting stale inside and helps water drain when it rains.

Step 3:

Once you’ve built the base, the next step is to add a door so your dog can easily get in and out of the kennel. Start by measuring and cutting the door to fit the kennel’s size and your preferences. The door must fit well to keep your dog safe and cosy inside. Attach the side walls so they’re level with the door frame. This helps keep everything sturdy and prevents leaks. To make sure no water or bugs get inside, seal the edges of the door with silicone. This stops rain and moisture from getting in and keeps insects away.

You can also add extra features to the door, like a lock, to keep your dog safe and secure. Putting a weather seal around the door helps keep the kennel warm in the winter. By putting in the door carefully and sealing it up, you make a nice entrance for your dog’s home.

Step 4:

Once you’ve built the base and walls, it’s time to make the roof, which is very important for your dog’s shelter. We always recommend using plywood because it’s strong and can handle different weather.

First, make the gables, which are the triangle parts that hold up the roof. It’s important to be precise with measurements to make sure the roof fits well and stays in place. Then, attach the roof panels to the gables using strong nails or screws. Leave a little bit extra at the front to cover the entrance and protect it from rain and sun. To make sure water doesn’t get inside, seal the gaps between the roof pieces with silicone. This keeps the inside dry and cosy for your pet. 

Paying attention to these details makes sure the roof stays strong and works well for a long time. By using good materials and being careful with measurements, you give your dog a safe and comfy place to stay, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Step 5:

After you’ve built the main part of the kennel, it’s time to add some extra special features. These little additions don’t just make the kennel look nicer, they also make it more useful.

First, put a coat of paint on the wood to protect it. This makes it look better and keeps the wood safe from bad weather. Choose paint that’s safe for pets and goes well with your garden. 

Think about adding hinges to the back wall so you can open it easily for cleaning. This makes keeping the kennel clean easier and keeps your pet healthy.

To make your dog even more comfortable, add insulation or a soft bed. Insulation keeps the kennel warm in winter and cool in summer. A comfy bed gives your pet a cosy place to relax.


Making a good dog kennel requires careful planning and using good materials. If you follow these steps, you’ll make a safe and cosy home where your pet will be happy. Putting effort into this project is worth it when you see how content your furry friend is. 

If you are still unsure about something, you can always reach out to us at Brookby Lodge! As the name suggests, we are something of an expert when it comes to building homes for animals! Contact us today and learn more!

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